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We have been providing composite turnkey engineering design development, design improvement, project planning and project monitoring solutions under one roof.

Our services include the following

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Drainage systems including waste water, soiled water, sewage lifting station and storm water system. Fire Fighting system Fire Alarm , Lighting,Low voltage Power supply,Public address system, Extra low voltage





MEP Expert Service

The broad bandwidth of electro-mechanical design and expert services is offered through in-house resource that provides benefit of a totally integrated optimal design. We offer: MEP system design, Assistance in project budget finalization, Assistance in vendor finalization,Site visits to ensure adherence to quality standards, Verification of system installation and commissioning,System hand over to end user


Our team at Design.MEP includes application engineers with years of experience in anlyzing noise control problems for all MEP Services and developing effective solutions that can be efficiently implemented. Through our analysis and insight, we have been able to provide our customers with significant project savings through more efficient Noise control solutions in advance at the project design stage itself. We can also provide to test and insure that the building project is delivered as per the specified noise constraint.

Computational Fluid Dynamics analysi for Car Parks and Building Smoke Ventilation system

Verification and evaluation of the performance of car park ventilation system, Smoke extraction systems and tunnel ventilation for different scenarios with CFM modelling. The CFD analysisshall be done as per the applicable code like Eurocode EN50126, NFPA and as required by the local authority having jurisdiction. Following parameters can be studied thru CFD analysis.

Smoke Concentration ,Temperature Profile ,Visibility Profile ,>Vleocity Profile ,Smoke Simulation Movie,Carbon monoxide Concentration ,>Rdiant Heat Flux on the walls


imgd Design MEP offers companies a range of cost-effective
secondments to support their MEP and IT infrastructure
project's needs. We have experienced team of engineers,
AutoCAD draftmen, Revit, BIM and IT experts to work
independently or work with your existing team. They will
quickly become an extension of your in-house team for
as little or long as you require – without the permanent
overheads and legal obligations.